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The frightening facts

to bear witness to lies & indifference

7 September
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NaMe: SaRaH DeReE
AgE: 19
ScHoOl: gRaDuAtE oF GrEaTeR NeW BeDfOrD ReG. VoC. TeCh HiGh ScHoOl *****cLaSs Of 2004*****
CaReEr MaJoR: cHiLd CaRe
OcCuPaTiOn: un-fucking-employed *sigh*
SiGnIfaGaNt OtHeR: RyAn <3

StUbBoRn HeArTaChE
Stainless heart that never speaks,
Reads like a story never sold.

What if you just forgot,
what you were told?

You can't replace,
You can't retract,
You can't forget
To get whats back.

And the rain keeps falling down.
And the rain keeps falling upon my face.

I look in my shattered mirror.
Pieces of me is all I see.
Shattered, broken and misplaced.
What do I have to say?

I'm just another sububarn heartache,
Blending to waste away.